Who We Are

Welcome to SLIG Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a subsidiary division. At Strategic Legacy Charitable Foundation, we raise substantial funds for important outside charities, such as American Red Cross, St. Jude Cancer Center, Friends of Hollywood Central Park, American Armenian Christmas Fund, Kolel Yechad, Aish, Israeli Defense Force (IDF), Filipino Church and. We live by the old adage that “businesses must do well and do good.” We help to keep the community strong by giving back to the pillars of our community, like the local Hollywood Police Department to underdog charities, like Ohel Moshe Congregation.

Our charitable foundation enables our investors to participate easily to these and other worthy causes both locally and internationally. To learn more about the charities that Strategic Legacy Charitable Foundation participates in and contributes to, contact us here.

Our Mission

Established in September 2015, Strategic Legacy Investment Group Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, compassionately committed to giving back to the community at large by promoting social welfare and supporting other non-profit organizations, with an emphasis on enriching the health, education, and overall well being of all people.

Our Purpose

Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc.’s investors share a philosophy that improving the quality of life for people living in the communities where it develops properties is the best way to ensure long-term, sustainable growth. To that end, the foundation’s board of directors will identify and fund efforts, projects and/or groups where charitable donations are most needed. Examples of projects that the foundation may choose to financially assist include but are not limited to schools, local fire and police, sports leagues, music and arts programs, community gardens, beautification projects, health clinics, etc.

Here are some of the organizations we have supported